The Open Door Brainstorm

I think we’ve managed to get in two or three entries to the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature Short Story Competition. Stories were popping up at the eleventh hour (i.e. very late).

I did a bit of personal brainstorming to see if I could come up with an idea that was worth using for an Open Door story. I felt certain that even as I was jotting down these ideas there would be people sitting in front of their notebooks, chewing the ends of their pens unable to come up with even a minor story.

Here were some of my thoughts.

The Open Door could be the name of a book, a private club, a poem, a house, a Science Program. It could be the name of a project … for example, a science research project that goes badly wrong. Maybe … people step through an arch that is named The Open Door and they are supposed to be beamed over to their chosen destination but in fact all that gets beamed is their smoking boots (yes, I know it’s crazy,  but why not?). Maybe someone will volunteer to be the one who goes through the open door but they never come back – maybe they end up somewhere so much better than here, or perhaps they end up inside a piece of scientific equipment, imprisoned, unable to get out and unable to call for help. (Heh heh!)

The Open door could be the story of someone who keeps telling members of her family to lock the back door and makes a real fuss if she finds the back door left unlocked by her stepchildren. She is always gazing out of the window imagining she sees people out there in the dark corners of the garden. Then one day, distracted by something (her cat?), she accidentally leaves the door open and something (???) comes in to find her. (Hee hee!)

The story could be about an old lady in an old people’s home. In the nursing home she longs to know what is on the other side of the door of her room, but the door is always locked. She asks people about the door and what is outside but they are vague or pretend not to understand her. Then one day she struggles over to the door tries the handle and it is open. She steps through the door into a fabulous garden … and into death. (sob! )

Actually I quite like these stories. Maybe I’ll write them up myself.



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