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May 3, 2009



Lots of people have asked to see the winning Earth Day writing entries to Las Senoras Book Club Competition. We had two winners: here on the Blog we’ll call them Sara A. and Sara B. Congratulations to both of you!

Here are their winning poems:

            Welcome To Earth Day

When everything turns a vibrant green

And there’s a grin on earth’s screen,

When limbs are swaying on the trees

And flowers are dancing in the breeze,

You have to scream and loudly say,

‘Welcome, everyone! It’s Earth Day.’

                                                          Sara A.


Eye On Earth

Eye watching earth,

Ear listening to her


Asking for help,

Waiting for our choice.

Green I was, green is what I


Stop behavior that I have


Complete our goal of going all green.

Save me!

                                                                                                    Sara B.


The two Saras will each receive a Body Shop voucher valued at AED 150, and they will both get a Winner’s Certificate at a special presentation on the last day of classes. 

How did we choose the winners? Well, we had a panel of five judges and they looked at the entries long and hard before making their final choices.

We’re sorry you couldn’t all win, but here is the list of special commendations. All of you will be awarded a Certificate for your great creativity!

Dana A. – My Day – a poetic appeal by the earth written in the first person

Dana F. – End the Cycle – tough hard-hitting poem with great use of environmental vocabulary

Fatima A. – Respect – a gentle, uplifting prose poem with a positive message

Fatima E. – A Person Called Earth – the mistreated earth is personified in this sad poem

Haleema A. – Green Is For Grass – a clever  interplay of color and meaning

Mira B. – Save the Queen – an original approach about the fate of the butterfly in a polluted world

Remember that Las Senoras Write On and we are happy to feature your work here on the blog. Let us know your ideas for future competitions. Well done to all of you!