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We know what you read last summer

September 12, 2010

The Señoras are back. Well, actually they’ve been back for some time and … some of them have never really been away. They all blame the summer courses for that.
     Then, of course, we had the Holy Month of Ramadan during which the Señoras were very very quiet. As we approached Eid, Vanessa and I decided it was time to take a look at the books on the Señoras’ shelves …

     … and find out what they had been reading and what they intended to read.

     When we met for the first time on Tuesday, the Señoras looked refreshed, sparkling and very intelligent. They are older now and look intimidatingly professional. Let’s face it, when you get to this stage of your studies, there’s no stopping you.
     The theme of our meeting was ‘We know what you read this summer.’ After many hours of evaluating the evidence and compiling our research we had come to the conclusion that this summer the Señoras read …

Stephenie Meyers, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks,
Sophie Kinsella and John Grisham.

     And we were right … except that we missed out Jeffrey Archer. This is Jeffrey Archer by the way:

And here are some Señora Quotes:
Señora Quote 1: ‘Dan Brown is sooo good!
Señora Quote 2: ‘I love Nicholas Sparks. His books are amazing!

Dan and Nicholas will be very happy if they read this blog. Vanessa and I listened to these quotes with some suspicion. Now we are going to have to read Dan and Nicholas to find out why their books are sooo good and amazing. This book club is more work than we bargained for.
In this meeting we also did some book club storming. As everyone knows, book club storming is the same as brainstorming except that you focus on book clubs instead of brains.

So, please can you now do your own book club storming and think up some ideas for this year’s book club activities.
In the next post I’ll tell you what ideas the Señoras came up with in our meeting.



December 20, 2009

Las Senoras now have their very own ‘cubicle.’ I must admit I was slightly worried when I heard this. Surely, I thought, a cubicle is something very small. Las Senoras are not especially tiny. How could they fit into a cubicle?

Is it a cubicle like this?

Apparently they are very excited about their cubicle and are planning what to put inside it (lots of furniture, bean bags and the like) and what to do there (Book Club activities). Well, with all those things going on inside their cubicle there will be even less space. It will be positively cramped in there … dangerously cramped even. I think I will have to go and take a look at this cubicle, get a picture of what is going on and find out why Las Senoras seem to be so enthusiastic about setting up home there.

So, we now have a different format for our meetings. We will be convening on a Sunday afternoon… exams and assignments permitting. Don’t forget that for us Sunday is the first day of the working week, so getting La Senoras together to talk about books is no mean task.

Getting Las Senoras all to read the same book at the same time? Well, no! It isn’t going to happen. But we can get round that and still have a Book Club. Here’s how … every week one or two of us will bring a book that we are reading or that we have read … and we will read an extract to the other Senoras. If someone doesn’t want to read out loud, then I will read their extract for them. So, this way Las Senoras get to be entertained and they get to tell everyone else about their chosen book and what they like … or dislike about it.

In the next post I will tell you about Vanessa’s new leisure reading collection … and what happened when I read Las Senoras an extract from this book.

Until next time, best wishes and read on.

New looks at old books

July 5, 2009

There are some great old books out there in bookshops and libraries as Haleema has observed. She’s uncovered a gem of a book: The Count of Monte Cristo. This classic is by the French author Alexandre Dumas.


The hero of this tale is Edmond Dantes, a young man who is falsely accused of a crime and imprisoned on a remote island. As you can imagine, his one objective after this is to escape so that he can find and marry his sweetheart Mercedes (no, not the car!) and also take revenge on those who had him thrown into prison. Haleema and I strongly urge you to read the book, but if all else fails … then see the excellent film starring James Cavieziel as Edmond.

Count of Monte Cristo

Sweet reading!