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December 20, 2009

Las Senoras now have their very own ‘cubicle.’ I must admit I was slightly worried when I heard this. Surely, I thought, a cubicle is something very small. Las Senoras are not especially tiny. How could they fit into a cubicle?

Is it a cubicle like this?

Apparently they are very excited about their cubicle and are planning what to put inside it (lots of furniture, bean bags and the like) and what to do there (Book Club activities). Well, with all those things going on inside their cubicle there will be even less space. It will be positively cramped in there … dangerously cramped even. I think I will have to go and take a look at this cubicle, get a picture of what is going on and find out why Las Senoras seem to be so enthusiastic about setting up home there.

So, we now have a different format for our meetings. We will be convening on a Sunday afternoon… exams and assignments permitting. Don’t forget that for us Sunday is the first day of the working week, so getting La Senoras together to talk about books is no mean task.

Getting Las Senoras all to read the same book at the same time? Well, no! It isn’t going to happen. But we can get round that and still have a Book Club. Here’s how … every week one or two of us will bring a book that we are reading or that we have read … and we will read an extract to the other Senoras. If someone doesn’t want to read out loud, then I will read their extract for them. So, this way Las Senoras get to be entertained and they get to tell everyone else about their chosen book and what they like … or dislike about it.

In the next post I will tell you about Vanessa’s new leisure reading collection … and what happened when I read Las Senoras an extract from this book.

Until next time, best wishes and read on.