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Summer Starts Here

June 9, 2012

Senoras, take a breath. Relax. Read a book. After all, you’ve all been saying that you haven’t had time to read for pleasure for a very long time. But now your exams are over and it’s playtime. Unless, of course, you have to do summer school.

Here’s my suggestion. Keep an eye on the blog. Tell us what you are reading and what you are writing. Through the summer, I’ll suggest reading ideas and writing ideas and send you lots of inspiring thoughts – that is, if I manage to have any.

So, I’ll start with something that caught my eye recently. This year’s Orange Prize for Fiction was awarded to Madeline Miller for her book The Song of Achilles.


If you didn’t already know about Achilles, you may have seen him in the shape of Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. Madeline’s book is remarkable for other reasons. It is a debut novel – in other words, it is her first book and yet it has won her a high-profile award, plus the equivalent of around 170,000 AED in prize money. And she did it all because she was passionate about her characters and their story. Here’s Madeline talking about how she came to write the book.

What characters from literature or from history fire you up? Post a message and let us know.